Community Awareness

In addition to its other duties, the Public Solicitors Office undertakes community awareness programmes so that the communities of Vanuatu can have a better understanding of how the formal justice system can benefit them.

  • 2021

    Efate Island

    Korman Stadium (Shefa Day)16-18 June

  • 2020

    Paama Island

    Vutekai Village23 November
    Vauleli Village24 November
    Tahi Village25 November
    Lulep Village26 November
    Liro Village27 November

  • 2017

    Malekula Island (North)

    Wala Island

  • 2016

    Tanna Island

    Tafea College07 July
    Kwataparen Junior Secondary school07 July
    Lounapaiu Village08 July
    Lenafa Village09 July
    Imafin Village10 July
    Launaleng Village11 July
    Louiaru Village 12 July
    Lenaken Village13 July
    Lamnatu Village14 July
    Imaru Village 15 July
    Lownelapen Village16 July
    Kwamera Village17 July
    Itapua Village07 November
    Imaki Village08 November
    Ialofi Village09 November
    Ikapen Village10 November
    Iepilo Village11 November
    Iamanupen Village12 November
    Port Resolution Village13 November
    Iakwamanu Village14 November
    Sulphur Bay Village15 November

    Santo Island

    Teproma Village05 October
    Sarakata SchoolJuly

    Malo Island

    Avunatari VillageNovember

  • 2013

    Torres Islands

    Hiu island17 September
    Tegua island18 September
    Toga Island19 September
    Loh Island20 September

  • 2012

    Santo Island (West Coast)

    Valpei Village16 April
    Olpoi Village17 April
    Nokuku Village18 April
    Wunavae Village20 April
    Vasalea Village21 April
    Tasmate Village23 April
    Kerepua Village23 April
    Wusi Village24 April
    Tasiriki Village25 April

  • 2011

    Santo Island (West Coast)

    Wunpukor Village29 November
    Kerepua Village30 November
    Turu Village01 December

    Aniwa Island

    Isavae VillageNovember
    Ikaokao Village November

    Futuna Island

    Isia Village November
    Matangi Village November

    Aneityum Island

    Analcauhat Village November
    Port Patrick Village November
    Umetch Village November

  • 2009

    Banks Islands

    Sola (Provinces)4-7 August
    Gaua11-14 August

  • 2009

    Banks Island

    Sola (Provinces)4-7 August
    Gaua11-14 August

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