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Guidelines for Availability

Legal Advice

Legal Advice is available to any needy persons.

Minor Legal Assistance

Minor legal Assistance may be provided to any needy persons however, in certain cases the person may be referred to other organizations for assistance such as the University of the South Pacific Legal Centre.

Minor Legal Assistance is defined as assistance that does not involve the issue of court proceedings or defence in criminal prosecution.

The availability of legal assistance in all Civil law matters is subject to Merit Test and Means Test.

Merit Test

Legal Assistance will be available in Civil law matter only if:

  • There is a reasonable prospect of success in relation to proceedings and/or;
  • The Public Solicitors Office has sufficient resources to provide representation in those proceedings

Means Test

To be eligible for legal assistance, applicants must be needy people and satisfy an income and assets test by completing the assessment form and having it approved by the Public Solicitor.

This means that the Public Solicitor’s Office will look at an applicants monthly income and assets before can be provided representation in a case. If the applicant falls outside the Mean Test, The Public Solicitor's Office will only provide advice on the matter.

Verification of income and assets can be waived by the Public Solicitor, this will only be done exceptional circumstances.

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