PDLP students placement

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Office of Public Solicitor Farewells 3 USP PDLP students, Regie Melsul ( Vanuatu), Kalo Amos Pakoa ( Vanuatu) and Mikaere Kakiarerei ( Kiribati) on Friday 21 May 2021 after 4 weeks placement. The Public Solicitor acknowleged them for choosing the Public Solicitor's Office for their placement. He thank them for their contributions to the office and encouraged them to apply for any advert within the PSO.

The 3 students were supervised by the senior legal officers, Mr Livo, Mrs Karu, Ms Bakokoto and Mrs Malites. Mrs Malites admitted that their performances inside the office of the Public Solicitor was extremely outstanding and they are now ready to perform in any legal firm. The PSO Staff wishes them all the best in their future carrer.

PDLP students placement PDLP students placement

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