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The Office of the Prime Minister under the Department of Strategic Policy, Planning and Aid Coordination conducted a 3 days seninars on wednesday 09 to friday 11 June, 2021 at the Grand Hotel. The purpose of the 3 days seninars is to enable government employee to understand the benefit of the management records and public acess to government informations.

The records management outlined;

  • Support better Management Decision Making In today's Environment, the manager who has access to the relevant data makes a better, more informed decision, promoting a positive reputation for state agencies.
  • Improves Efficiency and productivity- An applied Records management program reduces the volume of records stored and improves storage and retrieval systems helping to get the right record to the right person effectively and efficiently, including complying with the right to information requests.
  • Identifies and Protects Vital information - Every orgenisation, public or private, needs a comprehensive program for protectiing its essential records and information from disaster.
  • Minimizes litigation Risks- A consistently applied records management program can reduce the liabilities associated with document retention and disposal of records. It can limit the risks associated with litigation and potential penalties.
  • Ensures Regulatory Compliance - A good Records Management system will help your agency in regulatory compliance.

The Office of the Public Solicitor has the opportunity to intoduce Ms Gilda Mahit and Mr Glenn Talae as responsible officers for the PSO records management.

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